Try our Tagliatelle with stridoli!

The stridoli are wild herbs of Pineta; children of the past made them crackle in the forehead for fun.

It grows spontaneously from May to October, but can easily be grown at home. Thin and bitter, it gives your dishes a special taste, and goes perfectly with tomato or bacon and sausage. It is easy to clean and cook. Come to our Hotel with your family and take your children to the pine forest to look for it, it will be fun for them to look through the grass and look for its classic thin leaf.


20 min


20 min



Doses for: 

6 people



Ingredients for noodles

  • 400 gr. made with flour, 
  • 4 eggs.

Ingredients for seasoning:

  • 2 slices of bacon, 
  • 6 ripe tomatoes, 
  • 300 gr of stridoli 
  • extra virgin olive oil.


In a pan put a dash of oil and the pancetta cut into squares, when it is golden, add the fresh tomatoes and the stridoli, cook for 20 minutes. Prepare the dough with flour and eggs, roll the dough not too thin, cut the noodles of the width you prefer, cook them in abundant salted water and season.

The dish is ready,

Enjoy your meal!!!

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