The Butterfly House is a large tropical forest where you can admire hundreds of butterflies with spectacular colors from all over the world; a unique emotion for all those who love the enchanting spectacle of nature!


The structure consists of a greenhouse of 500 square meters and contains exotic plants including banana trees, ficus, shrubs and carnivorous plants. Inside you dive into a real rainforest, with a temperature between 28/30 degrees and a humidity rate around 65/70%, to allow the life of tropical butterflies coming from different parts of the world: from Africa, Asia , America and Australia.

farfalle butterfly Schmetterlingshaus


Since 2006 they have also inaugurated the pavilion of “La Casa degli Insetti”, dedicated to the world of invertebrates. It was created to discover the characteristics of air, land and water insects, where in terrariums we can come into contact with particular species such as stick insects, giant cockroaches, leaf insects, crickets, beetles and other species. Inside it is also a hive and many bees at work, which produce honey from the Butterfly House every year.

Casa degli insetti

In 2013 they added a new greenhouse called “The Caterpillar”, with nursing plants where some species of local Italian butterflies are received. In 2019 the novelty is the “Butterfly Garden“, a large outdoor garden designed to promote local biodiversity, with a botanical path and a hotel for insects.

To complete the experience and take home a memory, there is also a shop, where you can find themed items, such as books, kits, accessories and tools to build a butterfly garden at home.


  • Always check the official website for timetables, fares and any restrictions for covid 19, so as to respect the rules!
  • The last useful entry is one hour before closing time.
  • Times change to adapt to the needs of butterflies, active during the brightest and warmest hours of the day.
  • We recommend wearing colored clothing, especially red or blue, to attract butterflies on us.
  • Accessible to the disabled.


Via Jelenia Gora 6/d, Milano Marittima

0544 995671

[email protected]