South door of the Regional Park of the Po Delta, the Salina of Cervia is a unique environment, from the naturalistic point of view and for the suggestive landscape. The water depth does not exceed a few centimeters, and the high concentration of salt (over 150 per thousand), allows the survival of particular life forms and the development of halophilous plant species – salt lovers – such as salicornia.

The richness of the fauna makes the Salina Wetland of international importance and Natural Reserve of the State of animal population. Most frequent species of birds are small waders such as the Avocetta and the Cavaliere d’Italia, but also the Garzetta, the greater white Heron and the Gray Heron, and ducks including the Mallard, the Shoveler and the shelduck. Flamingos have also been regular guests for several years.

The spread of salt marshes in this area is due to the morphology of the low and clayey coast, perfect conditions to accommodate the sea water with the high tides. The water remained trapped in artificial basins and evaporating under the sun gave rise to the formation of a thin layer of salt.

From 144 salinette active until around 1950, today only one original remains, the Camillone salt-pan. In fact the industrialization of the salt extraction process led to the unification of all the others in large evaporation tanks. In Cervia the salt is harvested after mid-August, while the artisanal salt mill Camillone starts in mid-June, if the weather permits, and arrives in mid-September. The salt of the Camillone since 2004 is a Slow Food presidium.



You can visit the Saline only if accompanied by Forest Guards or through the Salina Visitor Center in Cervia, an information point of the Po Delta Park. During the opening season, you can take guided tours on foot, by bike and by electric boat, opportunities suitable for families, schools and birdwatchers and nature photography enthusiasts.

In summer, you can watch the various stages of salt collection. The production still takes place as in the past, by hand, with wooden tools. The salt workers during their visits explain their hard work and give indications on the characteristics of the Cervia salt, a “sweet salt”, since it lacks the bitter salts that are unable to settle thanks to the daily harvest.


Useful tips

Reservations required.
Comfortable clothes and shoes.
During the summer, sun hat and sunscreen.
In case of bad weather it is advisable to equip yourself with waterproof clothing and shoes.

Cervia Saltworks Visitor Center – Via Bova, 61 Cervia (RA)
Tel: +39 0544 973040
Fax +39 0544 974548
Mail: [email protected]

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