The Happy Valley circuit, speed and passion since 1961

The KARTODROMO HAPPY VALLEY is a circuit of 1 km technical and suitable for those who really want to learn to drive. You can do for every type of experience on a kart … but not only; in fact the track is particularly congenial even to Super Motard, Pit Bike, Mini GP and Scooter, to experience unique emotions from the simple enthusiast who hires our karts to the real professional!

Karts are avant-garde vehicles, they guarantee the safety provided by the BIREL frames and are driven by the HONDA 4-stroke engine for adults, children and children, giving you unique emotions !! You can choose to make exciting CHALLENGES BETWEEN FRIENDS, a battle that will be decided at the last corner; or you can bring your bike for SUPERMOTARD, GO-KART, SUPERMOTARD, PIT-BIKE AND MINIMOTARD FREE TRIALS.

Book at the Hotel Lem Casadei in Cervia and get on the track too!

Happy Valley Kart
Via Romea Sud, 74, 48015 Cervia RA

And, finally, they also organize the HAPPY VALLEY CHAMPIONSHIP, which reached its eleventh edition in 2019, open to all racing kart owners… .. and the SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP, with the kart hired directly inside the plant.

Inside the plant you will also find the KART shop to buy used or new accessories, clothing and karts !!