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The observation of birds is a pastime inherent in the observation and study of birds in nature, as well as listening to and recognizing their songs. The bird watcher is called an ornithological observer. If you like birdwatching, in Emilia Romagna there is everything you need for an unforgettable holiday!

If you are looking for a really suggestive natural area to be discovered, here is the Po Delta Park. Here there are landscapes of great beauty, nature is the undisputed mistress and you can observe a rich fauna, composed also of rare species of birds.

Birdwatching in Cervia is particularly fascinating in spring and autumn, as it is possible to observe a very large number of birds both of step and nesting.

The Saltpan of Cervia are very ancient and have been a symbol of wealth. Today it is the territory itself that has an important environmental value. This is a humid area of ​​salty waters, rich in biodiversity and allows you to see in particular gulls, waders, hawks and flamingos, and even cranes, cormorants and mallards. You can choose between three different birdwatching routes, equipped with screens and turrets for the sighting of the inhabitants of these areas, with descriptive panels about flora, fauna and history.

Route 1 “Grasèla”


The first route of birdwatching is dedicated to the flora of the salt pans, is about 250 m long and runs along part of the outer perimeter of the tanks, until it reaches a wooden hut for bird watching. You will find several panels with useful information on saline plants and their adaptations.

Route 2 “The way of the nests”


The second route of birdwatching starts from the Visitor Center and follows a path of about 500 m, to reach a lookout tower. It is dedicated to the fauna of the salt marshes. Along the path, equipped with special screens for bird watching, there are several panels with useful information about the fascinating world of birds.

Route 3 “The bank of the Tamarisks”

Route three is dedicated to the history of Cervia. It starts near the Visitor Center and along a stretch of about 750 m you arrive near the Hotel Ficocle, an ancient site where ancient Cervia is thought to have stood. Also here there are shields for birdwatching and illustrative panels on the history of Cervia.



Sentry box

Point of observation and control of the salt, the sentry boxes were the positions of the Guardia di Finanza.

First it was built in wood, then in concrete, they were located along the entire perimeter of the Salt Pans and in front of the Magazzini del Sale. There were 58 sentry boxes along the Saline district canal.

Ortazzo and Ortazzino

Another enchanted place where you can make birdwatching and can observe different species of birds immersed in the silence of the Pineta is in the Ortazzo and Ortazzino area. The coastal site has the greatest biodiversity of the entire Emilia-Romagna coast. It develops inside the Classe Pinewood, around the mouth of the Bevano Stream. The area of ​​40 hectares shows how the regional coastal area was before human intervention. You will find lookout towers along the easy, flat routes of the Pineta and, walking in silence, you can also see deer and squirrels..

Ortazzo was born as a freshwater valley, obtained from the conversion of previous rice fields. Today it has become a large coastal pond, during the summer the lowest points dry up, forming muddy expanses where they live annual halophile plants typical of these environments. The marsh is crossed by a peninsula with pine forest and sees the migration and wintering of water birds and diurnal birds of prey, such as the greater spotted eagle, the knight of Italy, avocet, tern zampenere, fraticello, common tern …

White heron


The area to the west of the mouth, called Ortazzino, includes the fossil meanders of the Bevano and part of the coastal dunes, the backwaters of brackish wet meadows with outcropping water and dry meadows dominated by the common juniper and the buckthorn. Almost all types of northern Adriatic halophytic vegetation are present, for example salicornia, spartina and maritime rushes. Behind the dunes are the state-owned pine forests, created at the end of the nineteenth century, in order to protect the crops behind them from the sea winds.


salicornia birdwatching

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