Wouldn’t you like to spend an alternative afternoon, alone or with your family, inside a huge corn maze? Try the Dedalo Labyrinth in Cervia! A unique and unrepeatable experience in the fantastic setting of the Po Delta Regional Park.

A labyrinth made entirely of corn, where you can find a set of winding and intricate paths. Take advantage of the occasion, lose yourself in Europe’s largest corn maze! You will have the opportunity to find a quiet corner, playing with your children or challenging your friends. In the maze works very simply: once you enter an entrance, you will need to find the exit.

The plantation has an area of ​​about 8 hectares; the net route to be covered on foot within it will be about 3.5 km, with an overall development of small roads that will go from 7 to 10 km. There is also a “baby” labyrinth, in order to meet the needs of small bystanders and to experiment with fun / educational paths even during periods in which corn ripening has not been completed. Finally, you will find picnic areas within the small pine forest bordering the equestrian center “Le siepi”.


  • Being outdoors, in case of bad weather a daily closure can be foreseen. It is therefore advisable to contact us or consult the website to check availability.
  • The route includes walkways in beaten earth: it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers or trekking shoes.
  • It is possible to spend some time before finding the way out: it is advisable to take some water, food or even better fresh fruit.
  • Nature is also inhabited by small animals: it may be useful to use anti-insect lotions or sprays.
  • Inside the labyrinth it is forbidden to smoke.


Kika will accompany you in the knowledge of his splendid horses. Don’t miss the chance to ride for the first time. The “baptism of the saddle” will be another splendid photograph of your holidays in Romagna. Every day from 17.00 to 18.00 by reservation only – info on 0039 3455854746.

Labirinto di Dedalo


You can also see the cultivation of a large vegetable garden for the production of vegetables and small fruits, also useful for educational purposes. In the background, the farm and the riding activity with the ASD Lunarda stable. Visitors can stop to buy products from the 0 Km field.


The Educational Farm is a place full of stimuli and ideal for developing summer courses that allow greater temporal continuity with respect to the single school experience, it offers an excellent ground for active learning.

Labirinto di Dedalo fattoria


Dedalo is a character from Greek mythology. A great architect, sculptor and inventor, he is best known for being the builder of the famous Minotaur labyrinth in Crete, the Labyrinth of Knossos.

The legend tells that Dedalo built the labyrinth at the request of Minos, who wanted to lock up the Minotaur, born from the betrayal of the wife of Minos with a bull. Being aware of the structure of the labyrinth, when Dedalo finished his work there he was locked up with his son Icarus. But he did not give up. He prepared wings for him and his son, to be glued to the back with wax. Unfortunately, during the escape Icaro came too close to the sun and the heat melted the wax, causing it to fall into the sea.

Dedalo fled to Sicily and then, once definitively defeated Minos who had found him, he took refuge in Sardinia.

Dedalo e Icaro


The Knossos labyrinth is a tangle of streets, rooms and galleries. When Minos wanted revenge on Athens for the murder of his son, he decided that every nine years seven boys and seven girls must arrive from Athens to Crete to be fed to the Minotaur, who ate human flesh.

One day Theseus, Aegeus’ son, offered to kill the monster. When the young man arrived in Crete, Arianna, the daughter of Minos, fell in love with him and helped him find his way by giving him a red ball that, unrolled, would allow him to follow his tracks backwards. Theseus found the Minotaur, killed him and led the other Athenian boys out of the labyrinth, thanks to the thread that Arianna.

Theseus returned home, but forgot to replace the black sail with the white one that symbolized victory. The father, seeing the black sail on the horizon, threw himself into the sea killing himself, in the sea which today is called precisely Aegean Sea.

Labirinto Dedalo Cnosso

Visit the Labyrinth of Dedalo!

Via Argine Destro 17 – 48120 Savio RA

Check timetables and costs on the website, and check any Covid 19 restrictions before reaching it, in order to respect the rules.

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