If you take a tour of the streets of Cervia, you can’t miss the San Michele Tower!

A mighty construction along the Cervia Canal, a few steps from the Canal Port and the Borgomarina.

Built between 1689 and 1691, at the request of Count Michelangelo Maffei, the San Michele Tower has always performed the function of defending the city from pirates, Turks and Saracens. Above the square of arms signaled the assaults of the evildoers on duty, interested above all in the Salt, preserved in the Warehouse. It was a real fort, with numerous openings, windows and loopholes equipped with short and long range weapons. It could also house the guards who resided there and made it an independent building, equipped with chimneys, external collectors for water, showers, exhaust systems and other utilities.

The plant is a square of about 180 square meters, is 22.5 m high and the walls are 3 meters thick. The Tower seems to be inspired by an old drawing by Michelangelo Buonarroti, designed to defend the coastal areas of the Papal States and preserved in the archives of the Reverend Apostolic Chamber.

After having been a municipal library for a long time, now it is the seat of the tourist information and hospitality office of the city. Sometimes some initiatives will allow you to climb to the top and enjoy a truly breathtaking show !!

The tower is dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel, patron saint of Michelangelo Maffei, as evidenced by the marble bas-relief above the entrance door.

Where: Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4, Cervia