Italy in an afternoon.

About 20 minutes from the Hotel Lem Casadei in Cervia, you can visit Italy in Miniature, a fantastic representation of Italy on a smaller scale!

In every corner of the Park you will find monuments, landscapes and beauties to discover, in the midst of 273 miniatures that reproduce the Italian architectural heritage with meticulous care. The park is also surrounded by over 5000 small trees that look like bonsai but, in reality, they are pines, cypresses, oaks, poplars and firs, all subjected to a particular cultivation technique that keeps them in small dimensions. The care of the greenery in Italy in Miniature makes the landscape setting even more special. A look at the green Italy, also characterized by loyalty to the national flora, makes the park a unique jewel of its kind.


And walking along the streets of the Park, with the special binoculars bought at the counter, you will be able to see everyday scenes and surreal gags. Find out what the 80,000 miniature characters are doing! Among the 2019 innovations, a rich calendar of events to plunge into fun and transform your visit to Italy in Miniature into an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Children become giants in Italy in Miniature.

Cross the country that has the highest number of UNESCO sites in the world, from the Alps to Sicily! Enter a real miniature world to have fun and be amazed by the evocative atmosphere of Venice, the epic ones of Cannonacqua or play at the Interactive Driving School, on a journey that takes you from the mainland to gently glide over the water or travel suspended in midair.


Explore Europe in a few steps

Set behind the Alps, a small Europe welcomes you with 30 of the most famous monuments of our continent.

They could not miss the Eiffel Tower, the Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, the Atomium and the Acropolis of Athens!


Do you love the thrill?

These are the attractions for you!

Imitate Tarzan in the breathtaking journey of AreAvventura! Tackle the rapids of a river on the trunks of an Old Sawmill or experience a spectacular adventure at Cinemagia 7D!

Science Park

Little Scientists grow

The Science Fun Park allows you to do many interactive experiments to try out in complete freedom. Every day, starting from July 1st and until September 8th, the amazing Science Show with two daily appointments, at 12:00 and at 15:45, awaits you.

Children's workshops

Children at work!

In 2019, during the organized workshops, it was possible to build a small mosaic, work with clay or play with old-fashioned toys … Check the scheduled days, you can book your favorite laboratory at the Park information office.


The World of Parrots

Visit the new tropical island to discover the colorful world of parrots! On a path with luxuriant vegetation, you can get a close-up look at the lives of more than one hundred parrots, from Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania. And for the little ones, the Pappanursery!

Save a species

Defend nature!

SAVE A SPECIES IN DANGER born to contribute to the protection of threatened species.

Italia in Miniatura supports the project to recover the rarest parrot in the world: the Ara of Spix (Cyanopsitta spixii).

Always check the costs, schedules and rules against coronavirus on the official website of Italia in Miniatura.



The beautiful photos of Arena di Verona and Rome are by Photo Paritani

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