Do you want to spend an alternative day with your family, combining fun and teaching? The Oltremare Park in Riccione is what you are looking for! The park’s goal is to intrigue and teach nature, energy and the four elements water, air, earth and fire, through educational, interactive programs, appointments and adventures. It is 40 km from the Hotel Lem Casadei, very close to the exit of the A14 in Riccione. The motto is learning, getting excited!


Many small worlds await you, to reveal their secrets to you.

You can watch the shows of the Dolphins in the Lagoon, or the flight of the Raptors at the Mill, with the falconers who engage in a noble and secular art. You will also have close encounters with farm animals and parrots … or you can discover the marine world between tropical and Mediterranean environments. The list of activities you can find in Oltremare is very long !!

In Oltremare, your children will not forget Adventure Island, an area dedicated to fun among suspension bridges, high altitude trails and a river to be sailed by boat. And in the Darwin area, you’ll find a special path in a prehistoric forest with dinosaurs !!

Ulysses and the other dolphins await you in Europe’s most beautiful lagoon of Oltremare.

Get to know the world of Ulysses, watch the new shows and participate in interactive programs. The Park’s trainers also provide guided tours and close encounters, such as “Delfini – the spectacle of nature” and “Know the dolphins”. A real dream for the whole family, where you can share the love and friendship between trainers and dolphins. Exciting also the Night with the Dolphins, appointment by appointment to spend dreamy nights awakening under the gaze of the friendly guests of the Lagoon. At the end of the gallery of Pianeta Mare there are the gigantic underwater windows that allow you to browse the dolphins’ social life.



HIPPOCAMPUS: The strange case of the “mama fish”.

The seahorse (Hippocampus sp.) Represents an exception compared to all other fish: it resembles, in fact, a miniature horse.

This small bony fish is not suitable for swimming, it moves slowly and uses the caudal fin to anchor itself to the plants of the bottom. Their little ones are “born” from the male! Females produce the eggs and transfer them into the male’s “baby carrier”. The eggs hatch after a period that varies between two and four weeks, and 100 to 200 small baby-seahorses will be born.



The flight of birds of prey, lords of the air

There is a Mill of the Owl in hthe Park, who resembles a 19th century mill and is the refuge of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey as guests of Parco Oltremare. Eagles, owls of various types, hawks, buzzards and vultures are the protagonists of free flight. You will see the wonder in the eyes of your children, when they see them darting ahead of them in search of prey !!

These birds are all born in a controlled environment and are followed daily by the careful care of falconer experts and by the park biologists and veterinarians. The trainers will show you the ancient art of Falconry, recognized in 2010 by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The essence of training in falconry lies in the rapprochement between man and animal, for which it is based on trust and friendship and on a long and constant work.



Rainbow Flight: Meet Brazil, Kiwi, Mandy and the others in Oltremare!

The flight of parrots on the farm is a rainbow of colors and sympathy! A unique opportunity for all your family, get a closer look at the Red and Green Ara (Ara chloropterus) and the Blue and Yellow Ara (Ara ararauna) and the lesser known Sun Conures (Aratinga sostizialis).

The tropical forest, the green lung of our planet, is an ecosystem at risk and Kiwi and the other parrots are ambassadors of the conservation message of this environment.

Rainbow Flight awaits you from April to September.


The Parrots


The Farm, the friends of the farmyard

Oltremare contains domestic and non-domestic species, which have always lived in the countryside of the great Po plain. Inside the hague, ducks, hens, sheep, barn owls, porcupines, and rabbits and the peacock.

It is also possible to interact directly with the very nice goats, for a truly unforgettable close encounter!

The farm


Darwin, the Rain Forest: The real adventure passes through here.

Cross the tropical forest of Darwin for a fantastic journey through time in the Cretaceous period (150 – 65 million years ago)! You will meet the absolute rulers of that era, dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

I hope you’re brave!

You could also meet two huge alligators. These extraordinary predators with their armored bodies, muscular tails and powerful jaws managed to avoid extinction, unlike the dinosaurs. The vegetation present will wrap you among ferns, palms, magnolias and orchids. Watch out for what lies between the leaves … a Deinonychus antirrhopus and a Pteranodon.

The city of Lady Bug

Don’t miss the Coccinella House: a large village entirely dedicated to ladybugs, just a stone’s throw from the Oltremare lake. A true city of wooden houses, built among aromatic plants, trees and flowers. Ladybugs are valuable allies for not using pesticides. In fact they feed on aphids and cochineals, phytophagous and mite. An adult of the most common species can also eat 100 aphids a day, at larval stage 150!

Lady Bug

oltremare natura

The Delta: Water lands

The Delta of Oltremare is an area that represents the Po Delta ecosystem. Along the route we can observe not only the typical flora and fauna of the Delta, such as the Cobice sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii), a species of the Adriatic sea that it is disappearing, but also the so-called “alien” species, such as the catfish and the red-eared marsh tortoises.

Mouths of the rivers are among the most interesting environments for those who want to observe the development of life: the habitats of the mouth are determined by a very particular balance of different waters, of rapidly changing landscapes, of earth and water creatures.

The Po Delta is one of the richest living environments in Italy.



Oltremare Wallabies

Discover the new area dedicated to the hemisphere of Oceania: AUSTRALIA EXPERIENCE. Here, among thousands of adventures, you will meet friendly Wallaby friends. They are small marsupials belonging to the same family as kangaroos. Native to central and southern Oceania, they usually live in eucalyptus forests with undergrowth covered with bushes near open areas. However, they can also be found in coastal moors, fields and pastures. They are not endangered animals as they can survive in many different habitats.



The history of the Planet: The evolution of the Universe

Planet Earth is a visual and multi-sensory journey. It allows you to relive four fundamental stages that have marked the evolution of our planet through four rooms. In the first room a 3D movie tells the phases of the birth of the Universe and of the Planet Earth. In the following rooms, thanks to special effects, you will be able to relive the birth of life on our planet, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the end of the last glaciation!


Adventure Island is the place of big adventure!

Four thousand square meters made of suspension bridges, elevated paths, ladders, perches and ropes, a river to travel by boat, among water cannons for dripping battles!Experience the thrill of exploring the Delta Adventure Park, on hanging lianas and Tibetan bridges in a breathtaking path. It takes a good dose of courage, instinct and so much energy! Attraction not included in the admission ticket.

Climbing in Oltremare: Strong arms and upturned nose

Climbing is a sport that helps the development of the muscles and is part of the basic motor skills. Take your children to the Oltremare Family Experience Park, where from 2019 the little guests can climb in the special Playground spaces inserted in front of the Parrot Arena. Take a good look at where to put feet, hands and … take your nose up to the sky!

Become a paleontologist

Become a true paleontologist in the new excavation area. Here you can go to discover sensational finds … Armed with rake, patience and curiosity: you can find an immense Kronosaurus!

The art of primitives

Australia has a very special evolutionary history: isolated from the rest of the land, plants and animals have evolved in a unique way. Men since prehistoric times have told the story and also the relationship with animals such as marsupials, through cave paintings.
The history of the Australian primitives is revived today in the rock wall that flanks the Oltremare waterfall! Armed with colors, fantasy and dreams, let yourself go with the rock drawings.

Baptism of the Saddle

Do you want to become a mini rider? Here is Oltremare the pony area! Here all children can experience an unforgettable experience with the ‘Baptism of the saddle !! And take your certificate home!

Attraction not included in the admission ticket. Open from April to September.

Gold fever

A fun game to discover the nuggets found in the Oltremare river. Children become true gold diggers with a sieve. Search for as many nuggets as you can!

Attraction not included in the admission ticket.


Oltremare has a Scientific Didactic Department that deals with scientific dissemination and environmental education within the park. Awareness raising and education of the general public for the conservation and responsible and sustainable use of the environment are essential for this purpose. Visitors to the park are offered the possibility of following free guided tours carried out by experts from the didactic department.

For info on openings, times, costs and restrictions due to the coronavirus, always consult the official website of Oltremare.

Where the Park is located

Photo by A. L. Stanzani

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