Who doesn’t like fairy tales?

Fiabilandia offers children and adults an amusement park immersed in this magical world. From Peter Pan to Merlin Wizard, from the Valley of the Gnomes to floating trunks, you can spend a beautiful, carefree day with your family. It is the first Italian amusement park, born in 1966, welcomes adults and children with attractions on the water. You find it a stone’s throw from the sea between Rimini and Riccione in 150 thousand square meters of pure fun..

Fiabilandia Express

Discover Fiabilandia aboard Fiabilandia Express, the train that runs throughout the park.Explore its attractions by traveling on the wings of fantasy, in front of Lago del Sogno.

All ready at the station, when the train leaves, on the right you will see Babau, the mascot of Fiabilandia, a bit strange but always very good with children! On the other side, Mago Merlino, with a stern look and giant hands that will bewitch you until you reach the depths of the abyss.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Captain Nemo and his faithful submarine Nautilus are already peeping over the magical castle of the Magician and then again amazing characters, timeless rides for the little ones, in the Magical Village and with the Big Carousel..

Lake Bernardo in the center of Fiabilandia

At the center of the Park is the Bernardo Lake, where you can admire different specimens of wildlife: ducks, ducks, fish and turtles. Animals have spaces similar to those of origin, to make their life more peaceful. Do you want a tip? Look carefully through the branches of the trees and you will see a series of nests that allow bats, tawny owls, tits and robins and many others to find a safe haven.

la Collina di Babau

The Babau hill is the photographic point of the park, where the park mascot welcomes you at the entrance of the magical park of Fiabilandia.



Grand Carousel

Wanted princesses and knights! Dazzling colored lights and galloping horses accompanied by sweet carillon sounds.

The Magical Village

Your children will find with 5 colorful rides, between motorcycles and tractors with many new friends: Marion, Max Mouse, Babau Trucks, Ciak Carousel and Anacleto.

the Valley of the Gnomes

Have you ever traveled on a giant caterpillar? Would you like to visit the remote village of the Gnomes, between lakes and little houses?

Max Mouse Moto

Get on Max Mouse’s fantastic bikes for a ride with a soaring!

Play Ground Pinko Pallina

With colorful slides, tunnels and secret tunnels, the little ones play safely, while you can relax or eat in the picnic area.

Palm Beach

For a refreshing break “dive” into the aquatic area! Spurts and water showers and a castle 8 meters high. Fun awaits you!


Red Mountain

The adrenaline attraction for the whole family. Get on the reckless Fiabilandia mountains and let yourself be carried by the convoy along the tortuous path to experience a unique emotion. Are you ready? So let’s go, go!

Peter Pan's Bay

Have you ever wanted to visit the mysterious world of Peter Pan? Discover its hiding place, have fun playing with the lost children, explore the island with the friendly Red Indians, and visit the Captain Hook, Sponge and the other Pirates.

The giant slide

Crazy and colorful, the giant slide will really make you fly! Quick descents aboard magic flying carpets, take example from Aladdin, train your carpet, fly and land on the soft finish!

Fort Laramie

Bandits tremble !!! At the fort of the old west the SCERIFFO COPPERFIELD awaits you. If you like cowboys, take part in the conquest of the incredible Fort Laramie!

Fiaby Boat

The boat sails from one side of the park to the other and will show you Lake Bernardo, a natural park oasis, where you can admire the attractions immersed in the greenery and the numerous plant and animal species that inhabit the lake.

The Gold Mine

Are you brave enough to board the fastest convoy in the West Gold Mine? A fortress where caravans launched at full speed, on the tracks full of dynamite, will lead you to discover the hidden treasure

Cinema 4D

What makes the effect of the three-dimensional movie even more magical? Special effects in the room: lights, smells, water spray, air jets … Hard to explain, you have to try it !!

Space Mouse

Spacemouse is the Fiabilandia roller coaster, thrilling, hurtling through space, at the speed of light to discover the universe, just like a real astronaut. Fun is guaranteed even for the older ones!

The Castle of Merlino

Merlin is waiting for you on a journey into the mysterious and magical heart of his laboratory. Get aboard an owl and be careful not to end up in the jaws of the menacing and hungry Dragon!


The Lake of the Dream

The journey on the dragon-ship takes you among gigantic flowers and playful fountains: but what will happen when the great Dragon swallows you within his magical world?


Welcome to the land of cute beavers! The beavers, they invite you to play with them, for fun challenges on the water, stand firm on the floating trunks, the river is full of rapids.

Captain Nemo Adventure

Get on the Nautilus SUBMARINE and navigate through waterways: fun water challenges, splashes and … beware of cannons shoot water !!!

Services for children:

  • Stroller rental
  • Nursery
  • Changing
  • Baby food distributors
  • Diaper dispensers
  • Bottle warmer

Fiabilandia’s commitment to the environment

Fiabilandia is sensitive to problems related to the environment, to teach children how to become aware adults and respectful of nature. It has long been home to the many plant and animal species that make the Park a natural oasis, taking care of it lovingly,

Over the years he has collaborated with organizations such as WWF Italy, Europe Conservation, Ecolandia. Furthermore, every year hundreds of schools and organized groups participate in socio-cultural initiatives such as, for example. the RICICLIMPARANDO project of 2000 or the day organized by UNICEF.

Services for all

  • Bathrooms for the disabled
  • Security lockers
  • Drinking fountains with drinking water
  • Restaurants – Self service – Sandwich shops (also suitable for celiacs and vegetarians)
  • Shops with magical gadgets
  • Picnic areas where you can have a packed lunch

The parking lot of Fiabilandia

A large parking lot holds coaches, campers, cars and motorcycles. Fiabilandia, a friend of ecology, asks the Sun for help in creating Shadow and Clean Energy. Inside the parking lot there is a real photovoltaic complex capable of entirely feeding the attractions of the amusement park most loved by children and providing all the shade necessary to gain a pleasant return to your car.

The car park leads to the ticket office and to the entrance, through a structure that allows the crossing of the road in complete safety, with the overpass on the road in front of Fiabilandia.

Always use the  official channels for opening dates, times and restrictions caused by the coronavirus!

WHERE: Via Gerolamo Cardano, 15, 47924 Rimini RN

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