Do you want an alternative holiday to the beach and sunbathing on the sunbed?

This page is just for you!!


Bike and off roads.

If you go off-road biking you can get out of the chaotic reality of everyday life, it gives you chills and adrenaline at the right point, helps you find yourself or make a group with your travel companions. Cycling on gravel and dirt roads is good for everyone, whether you are an athlete or a beginner.

Here are two great itineraries in nature that you can do by bicycle, in the Po Delta Park, suitable for MOUNTAIN BIKE, TREKKING, GRAVEL:

Route of the Salt Bike Trail

bici rotta del sale

The itinerary proposes, on two wheels, the Cervia – Venice sea route used for the salt trade.

Romagna Bike Tour

romagna bike bici

From the coast to the hills through landscapes, villages and lands of taste up to the rocky ridge of the Spungone.



A network of secondary and quiet streets lead, in a few kilometers, from the sea to the hills of Romagna, the ideal playground for road bikes. An area to be discovered at the speed they like best for agonists who want to “try their leg” and for cyclists who appreciate local views and delights.

Bertinoro Tour

bici bertinoro

The salt pan of Cervia, the countryside and the climb to the beautiful Bertinoro hill, the balcony of Romagna.

Malatesta Tour

malatesta bici

Steep ups and downs connect three castles that take you back in time: Longiano, Monteleone and Sorrivoli.

Lands of the Triathlon

terre triathlon lands bici

Experience the adrenaline of the Ironman! Train with the bike, crossing the same paths that they do in 5 territories.

Granfondo Via del Sale

bici granfondo via routes

The most popular roads in Romagna with three different routes. Cima Pantani and Montevecchio are stages to try.


Choose between urban and nature trails a stone’s throw from the sea, using CITY BIKE, MOUNTAIN BIKE, TREKKING BIKE.
Here you will find the 5 routes of Cervia, to be done alone or with an expert guide, on cycle paths, pine forest paths and dirt roads, flat and safe routes.

9 km of coastline, 4 locations embraced by the green pine forests of Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata, 40 km of cycle paths and new routes to get to the Salina.
The best way to get to know a territory, suitable for everyone, for the most experienced, for families, for children for a holiday at a slow pace.

bici green cervia verde gruene cervia

A path dedicated to nature, along the pine forests of Cervia up to the Butterfly House.

blue cervia blu bici blau cervia

La Salina is an immense treasure, with its wild nature and its famous white gold.

Cervia oro bici

A long and fascinating journey to learn about our glorious past.

bici cervia storica historic cervia Historischer

To the knowledge of Cervia and all its history, from the ancient lighthouse to the old villas, from the colorful gardens to the colonies.

bici cervia delizia freude delight

Pedal along unusual paths and taste wonderful local products prepared by skilled hands with wisdom and love.

Take a holiday at the Hotel Lem Casadei in Cervia and bring your bike. You will discover the area as if you were a true Romagna!