Play Ball is an amateur beach tennis sports association,

which has joined the national program of Coni Sport di tutti, which allows children from disadvantaged families to play sports for free. The Cervese association was founded in 2008 by a group of beach tennis players and instructors; offers courses both in summer, on the beach, and in winter at the 5 Pini di Pinarella Park.

Between April and June it also organizes free lessons for elementary and middle school children, in collaboration with schools.

Families in difficulty, which in this period are more and more, have to cut home expenses and give up something. It therefore happens that children have to stop playing sports, although it is by no means a superfluous part in their life.

For a child, playing sports means not only training physically, but it means making new friends, relating to teammates, learning discipline and sacrifice, becoming part of a team, as well as spending less time in front of cell phones and television.

For this reason, Coni has invented a program, called Sport di tutti, with which it makes funds available to co-finance the sporting activity of the youngest, in collaboration with the sports associations that make themselves available.

In Cervia, one of these is Play Ball, with about 120 members, which enthusiastically joined the project launched for the first year by the national Coni and opens its doors to children aged 5 and up to 18, to teach them to play for free at beachtennis.

If you want to apply, you can contact Play Ball directly at this email address: [email protected] or at the association’s headquarters in via Pinarella, 66 in Pinarella di Cervia, or by phone at 327-2004368. A ranking of members will be formed which will take into account both the Isee value declared by the family and the number of members of the family nucleus, favoring larger families.

As part of the free courses provided thanks to the Sport di tutti project, at Playball children will be able to follow real beach tennis courses or, in the case of younger and inexperienced children, lessons to approach this sport, in which they will use the racket but also games and movement on the sand..


These events are scheduled for summer 2021:

Uisp regional beach tennis championship for adults and under 15 and 16 May
Beach tennis Italian Cup final master on May 23rd
Eco-fair beach tennis trophy for adults and under from 1 to 6 June