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Ravenna Festival – Il Trebbo in musica 2.0

22 June @ 9:30 am - 16 July @ 11:30 pm

Ravenna Alto Sale

Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia – Milano Marittima, nine meetings with writers, journalists, experts and musicians.

Nine appointments for an ad hoc event, feet firmly planted in an excellent past but a gaze focused on the present … and the future.

Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia with Per alto sale – Trebbo in musica 2.0, an itinerary of encounters inspired by the Trebbo tradition of Romagna, celebrating its dimension of sharing and comparison and at the same time ferrying it into the 21st century in alternating gifts to “heroes” of Romagna – Tonino Guerra, Pellegrino Artusi, Federico Fellini – to contemporary voices and current issues.

The Ravenna Festival events see the participation of writers such as Massimo Gramellini, Melania Mazzucco, Paolo Rumiz, Roberto Cotroneo, but also Gad Lerner, Ivano Marescotti, the president of Casa Artusi Laila Tentoni, the virologist Ilaria Capua and the architect Stefano Boeri.

A path that also becomes musical – with strong jazz hues – with Paolo Fresu, Rita Marcotulli, Gianluca Petrella, Pasquale Mirra, Paolo Damiani, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Virginia Guastella, Fabio Mina, the Italian Jazz Orchestra with Simone Zanchini, the Bevano Est and Domenico Bevilacqua.

Storytelling, the narrative that crosses the boundaries of literature to appropriate also the languages ​​of journalism, television, scientific and historical dissemination is the common thread of four Thursday events, intended to discuss the major issues, and above all the great challenges, of our era, moving from health and bioethics to architecture, nature and eco-sustainability.


Which city could become the capital of this Ravenna Festival – Trebbo 2.0, if not Cervia?

“This initiative is placed at a very high level and is part of the furrow of the enhancement of the traditions linked to the culture of Cervia, which has always given ample space to its roots, and of the many important figures of literature that have passed from here, like Grazia Deledda , Giuseppe Ungaretti and Mario Luzi. And at the same time in the recovery of the ancient poetic Trebbi which took place here from 1956 to 1960 ”
The Mayor of Cervia, Massimo Medri

A review inspired by Trebbo

It is precisely in the wake of the poetic trebbo of the fifties that the exhibition starts with a tribute to Tonino Guerra, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

Ivano Marescotti is entrusted with the task of returning a portrait through reading and commenting on texts, including dialectal ones, with the musical counterpoint of Paolo Damiani on the double bass and live electronics.


9 encounters between poetry, words, current topics and music:

Discover the Ravenna Festival program:

Monday June 22nd
Tribute to Tonino Guerra
Ivano Marescotti with Paolo Damiani, double bass and live electronics

Omaggio a Tonino Guerra - Ivano Marescotti e Paolo Damiani

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the poet – but also a writer, screenwriter and artist at 360 degrees – of Santarcangelo, Ivano Marescotti is entrusted with the task of restoring a portrait through reading and commentary on texts, including dialectal ones, with Paolo’s musical counterpoint Damiani on double bass and live electronics.


Wednesday June 24

Pellegrino Artusi, the gastronomy who lived in the future

Laila Tentoni with the Bevano Est

in collaboration with Casa Artusi

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Laila Tentoni e Bevano est

The two hundred years since the birth of the author of the most famous of the gastronomic treatises are celebrated, the real god of every kitchen in united Italy: Pellegrino Artusi.
Laila Tentoni, who has been the soul of Artusi’s activities for many years and today president of the Casa Artusi Foundation, which is based in the town where the famous gastronomist was born exactly two centuries ago, introduced the public to the timeless relevance of his Science in the kitchen. And where, only thirty years ago, the Bevano Est took shape in the local school of popular music, which continue to offer a refined mix of new and ancient, music that ranges from jazz to folk, from klezmer to swing, continuously revisited with fluidity and consistency.

Thursday 25 June

Ilaria Capua in conversation with Gad Lerner
Pandemic, circular health and information
with Gianluca Petrella trombone and Pasquale Mirra vibraphone

in collaboration with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Ilaria Capua e Gad Lerner

Supporter of open-source scientific development, i.e. free access for all to data in particular from influenza viruses, the virologist is among the fifty most revolutionary scientists in the world for the prestigious Scientific American magazine and author of Circular Health, published by Egea, stories of progress made possible by the ability not to always and only follow the main road of an already consolidated knowledge. Who better than the best-known Italian virologist, can try to answer questions about the pandemic, especially in the close confrontation with an investigative journalist like Gad Lerner?
Following the musical moment with Gianluca Petrella and Pasquale Mirra, respectively at the trombone and vibraphone.

Sunday 28 June
Tribute to Federico Fellini for 100 years from birth
with the Italian Jazz Orchestra, conductor Fabio Petretti, accordion Simone Zanchini

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Italian Jazz Orchestra, direttore Fabio Petretti

Born in 1920, just like Guerra (with whom he also signed the screenplay for the Oscar-winning Amarcord), the Rimini director will be celebrated through the music of Nino Rota, road companion of many cinematographic adventures. The arrangements were commissioned by the Festival to Fabio Petretti for his Italian Jazz Orchestra, accompanied by the accordion of Simone Zanchini.

Tuesday 30 June
That Europe that comes from the East
Paolo Rumiz with Fabio Mina on the flute

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Paolo Rumiz e Fabio Mina

The narrative wisdom of the journalist and writer Paolo Rumiz will reveal That Europe that comes from the East, in a path – also musical thanks to Fabio Mina’s flute, which fits perfectly on the route of the XXXI edition of the Festival. This year’s program is in fact dedicated to the Dolce color d’oriental sapphire, which Dante describes in Purgatory (I, v. 13), and therefore also to the long and never interrupted confrontation, and not only confrontation, between the West and the East, of which the Byzantine Ravenna and the mosaics that the poet himself admired are splendid expressions.


Thursday 2nd July
Architecture and Nature
Stefano Boeri with Paolo Fresu trumpet and Daniele Di Bonaventura bandoneon

in collaboration with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Stefano Boeri e Paolo Fresu

It is among the fifty most iconic skyscrapers in the world, according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (international organ on sustainable urban development), the Vertical Forest of Milan. This vertical urban reforestation project bears the signature of the architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri. The notes are, in this case, of Paolo Fresu’s trumpet and Daniele Di Bonaventura’s bandoneon.

Tuesday 7 July

The demon of perfection. The genius of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
Roberto Cotroneo with Domenico Bevilacqua pianoCervia, Ravenna Festival - Roberto Cotroneo

The story of ABM, by Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, one of the greatest geniuses of piano art: algid and detached, crystalline and passionate, with an unreachable musical character, when he burst onto the scene, he radically changed the spirit and technique of the piano performance . With ABM, the genius was born who, in the execution, sought the absolute clarity of sound, sought … perfection. Narrating his story and paying homage to his figure, Roberto Cotroneo, an eclectic intellectual, protagonist of the Italian cultural life of the last decades, tells the story of a man who is not simply attributable to the restricted area of ​​classical music


Thursday 9 July
The architettrice
Melania Mazzucco with Rita Marcotulli piano

in collaboration with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Melania Mazzucco e Rita Marcotulli

Meeting with Melania Mazzucco and her new book L’architettrice (Einaudi), story of Plautilla, mysterious painter and first female architect of the modern age in the murky splendor of Baroque Rome, to the rediscovery of women who made history, changing the rules of an almost exclusively male game. On the piano another woman, Rita Marcotulli, musician and composer who boasts collaborations with the best artists of the American jazz scene.

Thursday 16th July
Before you come into the world
Massimo Gramellini with Virginia Guastella piano

in collaboration with Elastica Live & Comunicazione

Cervia, Ravenna Festival - Massimo Gramellini e Virginia Guastella

The Ravenna Festival review ends with the reading by Massimo Gramellini: the journalist and writer, who on the pages of the Corriere celebrated the ability of Milano Marittima to make a community and react promptly to the whirlwind that in July 2019 had plagued the coast and damaged the factories, proposes his book Before you come into the world (Solferino), a letter to his son who is also a hymn to fatherhood and a delicate portrait of the relationship between generations. The concert of the pianist and composer Virginia Guastella will follow.

Info and pre-sales of the Ravenna Festival

Numbered seat € 10,00

tel. +39 0544 249244


Event promoted by Ravenna Festival, Municipality of Cervia
With the contribution of the Bagnini Cooperative of Cervia

Come to the Hotel Lem Casadei for the Ravenna Festival!



22 June @ 9:30 am
16 July @ 11:30 pm
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