May in bloom: The largest open-air floral exhibition in Europe


Cervia Garden City was born in 1972 with the name May in Bloom, The theme was very important and innovative given the year: safeguarding greenery and nature. Flowers have always been synonymous with peace and friendship between peoples and Cervia has always been an example of hospitality."Cervia takes you to the water of the sea […]

Saltworker for 1 day

Salina di Cervia

A day's work with the saltworker, in the ancient Camillone saltworks In the summer, in the central months of July and August, when the climate allows the preparation and collection of salt, every Tuesday it is possible to spend an afternoon in salt, side by side with the saltworker, working with them and learning a […]

Ravenna Festival

Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia - Milano Marittima, nine meetings with writers, journalists, experts and musicians. Nine appointments for an ad hoc event, feet firmly planted in an excellent past but a gaze focused on the present ... and the future. Ravenna Festival returns to Cervia with Per alto sale - Trebbo in musica 2.0, […]