May in bloom: The largest open-air floral exhibition in Europe


Cervia Garden City was born in 1972 with the name May in Bloom, The theme was very important and innovative given the year: safeguarding greenery and nature. Flowers have always been synonymous with peace and friendship between peoples and Cervia has always been an example of hospitality."Cervia takes you to the water of the sea […]

Concerts of the City of Cervia band in Pinarella

Pinarella - Piazza Repubblica

The Band of Cervia brings its vast musical repertoire to the heart of Pinarella. The establishment of the City Band dates back to the early 1800s as evidenced by numerous documents. Currently that of Cervia is made up of about 60 musicians, young and not so young, who offer a large and passionate audience a […]

Cervia, the beach loves book


Cervia, the beach loves books, is a series of meetings with authors and talk shows on August 15th. The book is the protagonist of these meetings. From 20 July, tourists to Cervia can meet the authors of the successes of the last literary season by the sea and in different parts of the city. On […]

Salt Festival

Magazzini del Sale - Cervia Via Nazario Sauro, Piazzale dei Salinari, Cervia

28. Salt Festival is a Four-days fully dedicated to Cervia's sweet salt. The core of the event is the historical recalling of salt delivering to sheds that is "L'Armessa de Sel" in the local dialect. Sapore di Sale - Salty Taste recalls the past of Cervia with street market stalls, exhibitions, shows, tasting sessions, and […]

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