Sea Wedding


The Sea Wedding is proposed again in Cervia since 1445 Rite of the ring, rediscovery of traditions, food stands and events The "Sea Wedding" is one of the oldest historical re-enactments in Italy, dating back to 1445, in which Cervia symbolically "joins" the sea that bathes it. It is one of the most heartfelt events […]

Saint Lawrence’s Night


Charm, magic and mystery are the main features of the celebrations of Saint Lawrence's day This commemoration is linked with the old popular celebrations held in the city. An old poster from 1888 invited people to the 'traditional' Saint Laurence celebrations with bingo, fireworks, air balloons and dancing. On August 10, by tradition, farmers used […]

Salt Festival

Magazzini del Sale - Cervia Via Nazario Sauro, Piazzale dei Salinari, Cervia

28. Salt Festival is a Four-days fully dedicated to Cervia's sweet salt. The core of the event is the historical recalling of salt delivering to sheds that is "L'Armessa de Sel" in the local dialect. Sapore di Sale - Salty Taste recalls the past of Cervia with street market stalls, exhibitions, shows, tasting sessions, and […]

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