Park for the natural rights of girls and boys

Pineta di Pinarella - Tagliata

The Natural Rights Park of Cervia is a slow park. Freedom, play, beauty. Space for the experience of being human. The new Park dedicated to children's rights in the Pinarella - Tagliata pine forest. If you take a nice walk along the Pinarella - Tagliata pine forest, you cannot fail to see the result of […]

The Duke D’Altemps’ Wood

Castiglione di Cervia

A beautiful walk to discover the nature of the Duke D’Altemps' Wood. Last 2019 appointment is set at 17.30 at the entrance of the Wood in Castiglione di Cervia. Alteo Missiroli, painter, ecologist and Voluntary Ecological Guard, conducts free guided tours open to all. The aim is to make you discover the fascinating natural landscape […]

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