Guided tours

Municipal Theater


A rare opportunity to visit the Theater of Cervia. The Walter Chiari Municipal Theater in Cervia is small, cozy and with perfect acoustics. It came into operation in 1862. If you want to learn more, click here to enter our Articles section In this particular evening we will talk about its history, the splendid frescoes […]


The saltpan by boat

Centro Visite Salina di Cervia Via Bova 61, Cervia

By boat in search of flamingos and along the salt road A beautiful trip in Saltpan by boat, to discover treasures and curiosities. Climb aboard an electric boat to discover and better observe the different species that live in Salina. It runs along the path, moving silently with the boat and then passing unnoticed next […]


Canoe excursions

CLUB CANOA KAYAK, Milano Marittima - Via Jelenia Gora 14.

Canoeing is one of the most original and adventurous, but at the same time it is suitable for the whole family. The calm waters of the Cervia canals make this excursion pleasant and relaxing. Starting from the Canale del Pino, known as the Canalino di Milano Marittima, on board a canoe together with our guides we will […]


Camillone saltpan: guided tours


Guided tours of the Salina Camillone. The Salina Camillone is the last of the production salinettes remaining active. Until 1959 there were 144 of them. When the production system became industrial and the salt pans were merged into large evaporation and collection tanks, they were all closed except for her, which can be seen from […]


Saltworker for 1 day

Salina di Cervia

A day's work with the saltworker, in the ancient Camillone saltworks In the summer, in the central months of July and August, when the climate allows the preparation and collection of salt, every Tuesday it is possible to spend an afternoon in salt, side by side with the saltworker, working with them and learning a […]


Sunset in the salt pan


Sunset in the salt pan is a very beautiful walkroute in one of the most striking moment of the day. An evocative excursion in Cervia saltpan, to discover an uncontaminated and magical environment. On board a very simple electric boat with wooden benches, we sail along Cervia saltpan surrounding canal to reach its heart. Accompanied by an […]


Walk in the Salina

Centro Visite Salina di Cervia Via Bova 61, Cervia

The Salina of Cervia is a must see! Take a guided tour to discover the flora and fauna or the secrets of salt harvesting, with a different naturalistic or productive itinerary, depending on the season. In Spring the visit is dedicated to the discovery of the flora and fauna of Cervia; in summer you can […]


Salina under the stars


Salina under the stars: observation of the stars in the company of an astrophysicist. If you are a nature lover, the Salina di Cervia is the right place for you! Under the stars, far from the lights of the city, we will be able to observe all the constellations together with the expert astrophysicist, Oriano […]


Bike in Salina


By bike to discover the salt pan and salt production. A fantastic bike ride up to the mountains of salt, starting from the Cervia Salina Visitor Center. Together with our expert guides, you will travel along a stretch of the new cycle path, until you reach the watchtower from which you can admire a unique […]

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