Guided tours

Canoe excursions


Canoeing is one of the most original and adventurous, but at the same time it is suitable for the whole family. The calm waters of the Cervia canals make this excursion pleasant and relaxing. Starting from the Canoe Kayak Club immersed in the Pineta of Milano Marittima, you will be able to observe the suggestive […]

The Duke D’Altemps’ Wood

Castiglione di Cervia

A beautiful walk to discover the nature of the Duke D’Altemps' Wood. Last 2019 appointment is set at 17.30 at the entrance of the Wood in Castiglione di Cervia. Alteo Missiroli, painter, ecologist and Voluntary Ecological Guard, conducts free guided tours open to all. The aim is to make you discover the fascinating natural landscape […]

Rotta del Sale cycling, mountain biking


Rotta del Sale: live a fantastic adventure in the name of sport, fresh air and ancient tradition, with a 249 km route inside the Po Delta Park. Every year the historic boats travel with their cargo of salt from the canal port of Cervia to the Serenissima the Salt Route. This itinerary proposed here combines […]

Walk in the Salina

Centro Visite Salina di Cervia Via Bova 61, Cervia

The Salina of Cervia is a must see! Take a guided tour to discover the flora and fauna or the secrets of salt harvesting, with a different naturalistic or productive itinerary, depending on the season. In Spring the visit is dedicated to the discovery of the flora and fauna of Cervia; in summer you can […]


Sunset in the salt pan


Sunset in the salt pan is a very beautiful walkroute in one of the most striking moment of the day. Naturalistic trail dedicated to the discovery of the flora and fauna of the Salt pan of Cervia, by electric boat. The trip during about 1 h and 30 min, and the booking is required. You […]


The saltpan by boat

Centro Visite Salina di Cervia Via Bova 61, Cervia

A beautiful trip in Saltpan by boat, to discover treasures and curiosities. Trip in Salina by electric boat, to discover treasures and curiosities is an excursion with electric boat to discover the treasures and curiosities of the Salina di Cervia. Duration: 2 hours Reservations required  (Always check timetables, rates and anti-covid provisions directly on the site!) […]


Panoramic Cervia at sunset.

Torre San Michele - Cervia Via Arnaldo Evangelisti 4, 48015

The wonders of Cervia at sunset from the San Michele Tower. Finally, the Torre San Michele opens to visitors to show the splendid view from the top of the panoramic room of the Fifth Floor: the section of the Magazzini del Sale, the Quadrilatero, the Saline, the pine forest of Milano Marittima as you have […]


Camillone saltpan: guided tours


Guided tours of the Salina Camillone. The Salina Camillone is the last of the production salinettes remaining active. Until 1959 there were 144 of them. When the production system became industrial and the salt pans were merged into large evaporation and collection tanks, they were all closed except for her, which can be seen from […]

Salina under the stars


Salina under the stars: observation of the stars in the company of an astrophysicist. If you are a nature lover, the Salina di Cervia is the right place for you! Under the stars, far from the lights of the city, we will be able to observe all the constellations together with the expert astrophysicist, Oriano […]


Bike in Salina


By bike to discover the salt pan and salt production. If you are a nature lover, Cervia offers you many activities to do, alone or with the family, suitable for both adults and children. This path is within everyone's reach. Bike in Salina is scheduled every Monday and Wednesday evening, from mid-July to mid-September, check […]

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