We are Pet Lovers!

On Holiday with your Pets

Your family is made up not only of people but also of 4-legged friends? At the Hotel Lem Casadei, you are welcome!

If it’s a dog or another pets, like cat, inseparable or rabbit, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to know your little friend.

The cost of its holiday will be only € 5.00 per day, for the sanitation of the room.

Notify us of your presence to better organize its vacation too!


Hotel services

Upon your arrival you can find bowls for water, a comfortable camp bed and a welcome gift for your little friend. Some rooms have a masonry balcony, also ideal for small sizes.

GIVE ME THE PAW SERVICE + € 5.00 per day

You will not be able to take it to the dining room, to avoid disturbing any customers with allergies. Notify us of your friend’s presence to better organize your vacation too!

The Beach

The bathing ordinance allows access to beaches not equipped only at particular times

(from 6.00 to 8.00 and from 21.30 to 24.00).

At about 700 meters from the Hotel there is a beach establishment that has created a special area for them, where the dog can play and rest at will in the reserved area.

Town services

In addition to the many shops equipped with everything you need, you can find some gaiters like the Rin Tin Tin area in Catullo Street, about one km from the Hotel, a fenced area that offers some games designed for agility of dogs,

with furnishings for the parking of the owners and cleaning devices.

The nearby Pinewood of Pinarella is a 4 km long green area that reaches Cesenatico along the beach, ideal for fresh walks.

The menu

For any special needs, ask for information at the reception. Because the safety and health of our pet friends are essential factors for a peaceful holiday.

Dog grooming



You can use a grooming service, classic or even self service; ask us the card!




A dog-sitter, educator and specialized dog trainer for walks, even at home and a complete training  camp – Bdogs where you can learn how to best manage your friend’s problems.




A veterinary available 24 hours for the serenity of your pet and the whole family.

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