Who of us, coming home from work late at night, after a tiring day, with swollen feet and back pain, didn’t throw himself on the sofa for a few seconds, dreaming of being wrapped in the warmth of thermal water?

Terme of Cervia are an oasis immersed in the vast Cervia Pinewood, the ideal place to recharge your batteries, leave your daily routine behind and relax deeply.

The salt workers were the first to understand the importance of the black mud in which they were immersed during the work of the Salina. At the beginning of 900 they began with the first curative interventions, in 1930 they organized a first outdoor establishment and, in the 50s and 60s, they built today’s structure, one of the most complete and prestigious in northern Italy.

To welcome you you will find the Thermal Pool, one of the largest in Europe, renewed this year and divided into three distinct environments designed to meet different needs:

  • first 20-meter thermal pool, with a depth ranging from 1.10 m to 1.30 m;
  • deep thermal pool, 10 meters long and 1.70 m deep, ideal for experiencing the experience of suspension in water;
  • third tank, with hypertonic Acqua Madre, with a concentration of salts 5 times higher than the sea; even greater than that of the Dead Sea, the world’s highest natural salinity basin.

Course in the pool

Terme piscina thermen

The Terme of Cervia offer therapeutic and aesthetic treatments using the Acqua Madre born in the salt pans. In practice it is the result of the crystallization process of sodium chloride, which will become the sweet salt of Cervia. The Liman mud, instead, is born from the micro-organisms that are deposited and concentrated on the bottom of the salt collection basins, turning into silt.

What are the virtues of Mother Water and Liman Mud?

Balneotherapy with the Acqua Madre of the Terme di Cervia is an ideal treatment against arthrosis, promotes joint mobility, reactivates blood circulation, fights cellulite and burns calories. Among the most important benefits is the long-term anti-inflammatory action produced by the regulation of the immune system, which lasts even for months. Furthermore, being a high concentration of solute salts, the Acqua Madre is antiseptic and counteracts the formation of oedemas: its osmotic power allows the elimination of excess liquids. In contact with the respiratory tract, it has a beneficial effect, treating chronic inflammation, preventing respiratory and cooling disorders.

The Liman mud, suitably filtered, has a beneficial effect for arthrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and for aesthetic and dermatological problems. In particular, a recent study has highlighted the role of mud-balneotherapy in contrasting psoriasis.


Terme fanghi thermen

The treatments offered at the Terme of Cervia are:

  • Inhalation and respiratory care
  • Face and body treatments
  • fangobalneoterapia
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Massage
    Thermal pool and vascular treatments

Inside the plant you will also find a modern and equipped gym. By combining physical activity with thermal therapies you can reduce recovery times in the case of re-education and motor rehabilitation.

You can finally relax in the wifi area, use the conference room or make purchases in the stores inside it. The space dedicated to children is also important; a special pediatric department for inhalation treatments. In addition to the rooms designed for younger guests, there are entertainment and entertainment spaces for children of all ages:

  • on the ground floor, in the inner room with educational games;
  • in the external square, with equipment and installations;
  • exploring the adjacent natural park, the Atlantide Cooperative offers an animation and accompaniment service.

Inhalations for children

Terme bimbi thermen

Contacts of the Terme

Address: Via Forlanini, 16 – Cervia RA
Tel: +39 0544990111
Email: [email protected]

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