The Parish Church of Santo Stefano, is located in Pisignano, in the countryside of Cervia, about 9 km from the center

The Parish Church of Santo Stefano is one of the oldest in the province of Ravenna. This is demonstrated by the first document relating to it dating back to 977 AD, but an older origin is not excluded. In the middle of a countryside planted with grapes and fruit trees, it showcases the imposing facade in the style of the basilicas of the Early Medieval period, according to the architectural tradition of the time.


A Roman milestone near the entrance tells us that here there was an inhabited nucleus of that era and is proof of the passage in the area of ​​an important road. You can see a fragment of a cross with a blessing hand, “Cross viaria”, inserted in the outer wall, in memory of the Middle Ages: these crosses were usually placed along the roads to indicate to the Romei the proximity to a guesthouse. Pieve suffered almost total destruction before being rebuilt and consecrated again in 1527, as evidenced by the two tombstones placed on the external facade and on the apse of the church.

The last significant restorations of the early twentieth century have returned to the faithful a sober interior, capable of creating an atmosphere of particular meditation and suggestion.


Inside, the Pieve preserves works of considerable interest, including the frescoes in the apse dating back to the 16th century. It is a triptych whose central part represents the Madonna Enthroned with the Child. In the lateral figures we see: Santo Stefano the protomartyr, St. Lucia heavenly patroness of the nuns of St. Lucia of Venice. Below is a benefactor of the church absorbed in prayer. In the basin of the apse the Eternal Father is depicted against the background of a starry sky surrounded by angels in adoration.

Another interesting work is the altarpiece in the right aisle with the saints Maddalena, Onofrio and Otmaro. In the left aisle, during recent restoration works, a fresco emerged in which it was possible to identify the figure of St. Andrew the Apostle next to another saint with a ruined face, probably an abbot, as evidenced by the presence of the Pastoral.

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Where is it the parish Church of Santo Stefano