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Many tourists come to Cervia several times in their lives, often several times a year! So what to do, besides the beach and relaxation, after visiting the most famous places, such as the Butterfly House, the Salt Pans and the Natural Park? You don’t want to always lie on the bed waiting for dinner time … There are many activities to do in the area, whether you are a lover of villages and castles, shopping, monuments and history … but if you love nature, walks or the bicycle, today I would like to offer you different excursions than usual, in places not far from the Municipality of Cervia.

Cubo Magico Bevanella Visitor Center in Savio

The Cubo Magico Bevanella Visitor Center is the starting point for fantastic excursions on foot, by electric boat, by bicycle, by canoe.

One of the wildest and most naturalistic places in the province of Ravenna, the Center opens towards the mouth of the Bevano, in front of the Pineta di Classe, between Ortazzo and Ortazzino.

The Ortazzo valley is a wide valley of fresh water, where once there were rice fields. The humid area of ​​the Ortazzino, on the other hand, is a brackish area with reeds and ponds.

The site is part of the Po Delta Regional Park. Looking with its natural mouth, coastal dunes and lagoons, La foce del Bevano (an area of ​​40 hectares) reminds us of what the entire regional coastal strip was like before massive interventions.

For excursions, arrive about 15 minutes before the start of the visit. It is possible to rent bicycles, as an adult even with child or child seats.

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Cubo Magico Bevanella Visitor Center in Savio


335 5632818 – 0544 528710 / 529260 – [email protected]

Via Canale Pergami, 80 – 48125 Savio (RA)

NatuRa Museum of Sant’Alberto


0544 528710 – [email protected]

Via Rivaletto 25, Sant’Alberto (RA)

Access to dogs: dogs are not allowed inside the Visitor Center and during excursions.

Comfortable clothing with closed shoes and a hat is recommended. Better to have water available for the hottest hours and anti-mosquitoes.

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