Massage Room: the news of the year


Who said that a family hotel should only meet the needs of children? Surely a happy child leads to having peaceful parents, which is not a little on vacation !! But this time we want to think about the adults, who need relaxation, some little attention, 5 minutes to dedicate to themselves …

This is why the relaxation room of the Hotel Lem Casadei was born !!

It will be possible to book one of the various massages offered, but above all it will be possible to take time for yourself; to relieve the tensions of everyday life, drinking an herbal tea, chatting with your partner or reading a magazine in solitude ..

Close your eyes for a moment and savor that wonderful sensation that pervades you as you lie down on the bed and let yourself go … don’t you already feel your muscles relaxing? The scent of the salt creams used by masseurs, the hum of the kettle that prepares you the herbal tea, a light background music? Here are just some of the treatments proposed:

Relaxing massage
with Bamboo (NEW)
Sciatic nerve treatment
Back treatment
Cervical treatment
Postural rebalancing


What are you waiting for?

Take some time for yourself!!

Fill out the form below, or call 0544/972618 to make an appointment!

Or read our offer to have an holiday!

Massage list

Saletta Massaggi

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