Gold Cervia

Cervia Gold takes a dip in our past, to discover the history of the city of Ravenna.

Cervia Oro is for those who love history and monuments, as well as sports and cycling. The cycling route goes from Cervia to Ravenna, the world capital of mosaics, through the pine forests and nature reserves of the South Delta Park. Passing from Sant’Apollinare in Classe, the itinerary continues on a protected cycle path to the center of Ravenna.

In the urban path in the heart of the city you pass by the main sites of mosaic art: Neoniano Baptistery, Domus of the Stone Carpets, Basilica of San Vitale. From Ravenna to Cervia it is possible to return by train, at the discretion of the cyclist.

The Cervia Gold route

km: 58 km
difference in height: flat
road surface: pine forest path, cycle path, dirt roads
recommended bikes: city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike

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Route maps are available at the IAT office [email protected]

WHEN: summer

Filed under: slow bike


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