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Our kitchen offers a choice of 3 first and 3 second courses every day, a buffet full of cooked and raw vegetables, the price includes the dessert (dessert of the day, or sorbet, or ice cream). Bread, pizza and focaccia are homemade every day, in addition to the inevitable fresh pasta, made from our sfoglina every morning. Every day we offer one or two homemade pasta, you will find fish for both lunch and dinner, as well as excellent meat or vegetarian dishes.

For younger children, it is possible to order the meals of the day directly at the reception in the morning: we can supply vegetable soups or broths, we have creams (tapioca, semolina, 4 cereals) or small pasta such as anellini, gemmine, risino … We can mince or blend meat, fish and ham, so as to have a complete meal for our little guests.

When we mince meat or fish, it is possible that a few coarser pieces remain, if you prefer to bring baby food, you can only do it if you have a purchase receipt. It will not be a problem to keep your baby food in the kitchen and use them only for your baby!!


Due to coronavirus, table service has been eliminated and replaced by a rich buffet protected by plexiglass panels, where you can taste a little of everything you see. The toppings are strictly single-serving.

Also water and draft wine (included in the price) will be prepared by our waiters. In this way we have kept the same choice of products, both for breakfast and for meals, effectively preventing any type of contamination. The other drinks can be ordered with an extra price.

You will no longer find tablecloths: the tables have been made washable and the tablecloths are disposable, so as to be able to disinfect everything (tables, chairs and high chairs) after each meal, quickly but accurately.


Meal time has been extended, it is possible to enter the dining room at the following times:

7.30 – 9.30 for breakfast
12 – 13.30 for lunch
19 – 20.30 for dinner

We do not take reservations for a specific time, in case when you show up in the room there is a bit of a queue at the buffet, you will only have to wait a few minutes for the people who arrived earlier to leave. The red dots will show you the “safe” positions. We recommend the start and end times, which are always the least crowded.

If you have more information to request, we are always available for all your questions!



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