Romagna Bike Tour

Romagna Bike Tour from Cervia to the hills, among fortresses, valleys and artistic treasures

The Romagna Bike Tour allows you to visit a different Romagna: a small area with an incredible variety of natural landscapes. The beautiful hills covered with vineyards, variegated by unique rock formations such as the spungone and gullies, dotted with medieval villages, castles, spas with sulphurous and low-mineral waters and small cities of art, up to the mountains that reach 2000 meters and offer enchanting landscapes in every season. All enriched by the famous Romagna cuisine and washed down with a wine with an intense flavor.
The rock formation of the spungone, formed by the mixture of shells of sea shells held together by limestone concrete, forms a particular rocky ridge that runs through the Romagna hills from Bertinoro to Castrocaro Terme, offering scenic and fun off-road routes.
The Romagna Bike Tour is an almost entirely off-road route of 110 hilly kilometers, which can be divided into 3 stages to have fun discovering a wonderful area.
Among medieval villages, spas, cities of art and culture and food and wine stops, you can savor the authentic essence of Romagna.


km 133,5 km

difference in height 2500 mt

road surface: dirt roads, asphalt, paths, cycle paths

Recommended bikes: mountain bikes, trekking bikes, gravel bikes


The Tour in 3 stages

Cervia-Bertinoro km 45

Bertinoro-Castrocaro Terme km 48

Castrocaro Terme-Faenza km 39

Faenza-Cervia, by train

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Romagna Bike Tour route

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