Romagna Bike Tour

Romagna Bike Tour from Cervia to the hills, among fortresses, valleys and artistic treasures

The Romagna Bike Tour allows you to visit a different Romagna: a small area with an incredible variety of natural landscapes. The beautiful hills covered with vineyards, variegated by unique rock formations such as the spungone and gullies, dotted with medieval villages, castles, spas with sulphurous and low-mineral waters and small cities of art, up to the mountains that reach 2000 meters and offer enchanting landscapes in every season. All enriched by the famous Romagna cuisine and washed down with a wine with an intense flavor.
The rock formation of the spungone, formed by the mixture of shells of sea shells held together by limestone concrete, forms a particular rocky ridge that runs through the Romagna hills from Bertinoro to Castrocaro Terme, offering scenic and fun off-road routes.
The Romagna Bike Tour is an almost entirely off-road route of 110 hilly kilometers, which can be divided into 3 stages to have fun discovering a wonderful area.
Among medieval villages, spas, cities of art and culture and food and wine stops, you can savor the authentic essence of Romagna.


km 133,5 km

difference in height 2500 mt

road surface: dirt roads, asphalt, paths, cycle paths

Recommended bikes: mountain bikes, trekking bikes, gravel bikes

Itinerary Romagna Bike

Three days of cycling in nature, to be enjoyed meter after meter, with overnight stays, luggage transport and guide accompanying.


Romagna Bike Tour, Cervia Bertinoro

Cervia – Bertinoro
From Cervia and its salt pan, a treasure trove of salt famous throughout the world, you cycle along a path that follows the cycle banks of the river Savio and the quiet nature that enlivens them. Proceeding along the bends of the river you reach the center of the city of Cesena, known for the Malatesta Library included in the UNESCO World Memories Register. With a short climb you finally reach the hill and the medieval village of Bertinoro, a “balcony” with a view over the entire Romagna Riviera.


km: 45 km
difference in height: 350 mt



Romagna Bike Tour, Bertinoro CastrocaroBertinoro – Castrocaro Terme
A small journey in the Terre dello Spungone: the fortresses of Bertinoro, Meldola, Predappio and Castrocaro Terme alternate between the valleys showing their historical and artistic vestiges. Along the way, the countryside and the cultivated hills offer a quiet but genuine nature, rich in biodiversity, a repository of delicacies linked to the most typical food and wine tradition of Romagna.

Find out more about Romagna dello Spungone:

km: 48.2 km
difference in height: 1240 mt


Romagna Bike Tour, Castrocaro FaenzaCastrocaro Terme – Faenza
Sinuous and green path through the gentle ups and downs of the foothills streets. The path is accompanied by passages in woodlands, river banks and above all the many crops that enrich the countryside and hills. A quiet and restful landscape, albeit a few kilometers from the ancient consular road Emilia. At the end of the tour, a stop is worth exploring one of the most important museum sites in Romagna: the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza.

km: 39 km
difference in height: 640 mt

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