Typical products of Romagna

The typical products are the history of our land.

Wines, cheeses, honey, oil, salt, vinegar… the list of typical products of Romagna is long and varied. It also includes non-food products such as ceramics, mosaics and textiles. All are born from the skilled hands of peasants and craftsmen who love and respect the traditions handed down by our ancestors… patience and waiting are fundamental elements.

Each piece is unique and rich in quality and tells something of this generous land, giving an emotion of tastes and flavors to be explored.

A memory of Romagna

The beauty of a holiday is memories: what we store accompanies us on our return journey and on the following days. It is like prolonging your holiday even when we are at home …
Come to the Dispensa di Romagna, (in the two stores in the beautiful old town of Cervia and in Cesenatico) to taste and choose something to take home: the true flavors of our land such as the handmade Piadine, quality wines, oil and sweet salt of Cervia …

If you want, you can buy typical products while sitting comfortably and visiting the link below. The Romagna will come directly to your home!