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Park for the natural rights of girls and boys

1 January - 31 December


The Natural Rights Park of Cervia is a slow park.

Freedom, play, beauty. Space for the experience of being human. The new Park dedicated to children’s rights in the Pinarella – Tagliata pine forest.

If you take a nice walk along the Pinarella – Tagliata pine forest, you cannot fail to see the result of the 2015 storm: many trees have fallen and the once thick and shady pine forest has enormous wounds. The “Park of the natural rights of girls and boys” was created to accompany the restoration of this part of the pine forest.

In the clearings formed by the fall of the trees, the Municipality of Cervia has created, based on a project by architect Aida Morelli, a park inspired by the Manifesto of the natural rights of girls and children by the pedagogue Gianfranco Zavalloni.

Divided into six thematic areas, it is enriched by playful-relational installations inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and by the Child Friendly City in Cervia. Everyone can play in the Park, during all seasons, with a path that combines active citizenship (or “peasant life”, quoting Zavalloni), invention, free play, exploration.

Parco Lento is a journey into the transforming landscape, where it is possible to tune into the rhythms of this transformation.

Using the games, designed for a relational, free and inclusive use by all, in this place you can listen or, on the contrary, run, letting your senses free. You can embrace the sounds, collect the nuances of the changing vegetation, the salty smells combined with those of the pine forest, the light of the sun and that of the moon.


Right to Dialogue

Integrate and connect

Can I talk to you and listen to you?

Fairy tales and fables, legends and nursery rhymes, the stories of grandfather and you as a child.

What you dream about. The one that makes you cry or laugh. Your silences and your laughter.

I can collect your questions and you mine.

And then combine them into a bouquet of flowers

that of every word you keep the colors.

If we talk and listen to each other,

a little at a time we both learn.

We learn to hold hands

and to respect us for who we are.

Without judgment and without fear,

so life is much less dark.

Right to Wild Life

Survival and modernity

If I were Tarzan what would I do?

I would definitely get dirty.

Sand or mud? … well, I don’t know!

I would forget about TV and cell phone,

to then climb the tree to observe

if there are distant whales in the sea.

Then in the sand I would lie down

just to be well heated.

Behind the bush I’d be hiding

until I get confused in the shadow of the forest.

And in the night, well comforted,

I’d watch the fireflies shine on the lawn.

Right to Diversity

Upside down

You and I, the same and different at the same time, eyes downwards, eyes upwards.

I am beautiful, ugly, weak and strong, bald nose, glistening eyes, sleepy look.

Mouth, small or large, speaking or singing. Gnome and giant.

Ant and elephant.

Fairy and witch. We play a game? I am a pirate and you are a knight.

You are the magician and I am the engineer. Then I am you and you are me!

Like the leaves of a great wood,

each has its own tree and serves in its place.

Right to Colors

The thousand shades of nature

The shadow of the footsteps on the dark earth, the blue of the sky. All the gray tribe! The dense fog of winter and the hot sand of summer. The transparent livery of the dragonfly, the dust of the wings of a butterfly. And how many greens are there? Can you find them all? Olive, fir, moss, pine, grass, may, fern, mint, reed. Green speaks with the light of day and night; moves and listens to the seasons. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s hot. Look for the hug or it’s sharp.

Right to Nature

Micro and macro worlds

You can see? The light steps of the ant, the insects hidden in the bark, the boundless sky, the clouds moved by the wind. The darkness of the night and the sparkles of stars. The butterfly that gets up dazed and confused. The cerambice that moves the long black antennae. The rain that slides fast on the pine needles. The lizard behind the stone. The bumblebee greedy in the thistle. The nest of the nuthatch. The little sprout in the acorn: it will be an oak, perhaps, in a few years.

Right to Sounds

Listen to your surroundings, tictic, tic, fsssh, bzzz, cicici

Can you hear?

The chirping of birds, the crackling of dry leaves, the blowing of the wind, the whisper of the surf and distant waves, the rain on the leaves, the hedgehog under the brambles, my breath, yours, the ticking of the wren in winter, the distant voices, the chirping of cicadas, the song of the cuckoo, that of the seagulls, the silent voice of the growing trees, our footsteps on pine needles, the hum of the bee your favorite song, my voice..

Download the pdf of the brochure and the map

The park’s play installations are designed with the idea that urban quality referring to children is made up of concrete experiences: spaces and times for free circulation and for play, educational activities in a healthy environment, with cultural and leisure opportunities. expression necessary for training and participation, linked to the “naturalness” of the relationship with the environment.

These design installations create, in a free way, a dialogue with the Pinewood of Pinarella and Tagliata and, at the same time, become devices for triggering natural rights through play, involving children in a magical, imaginative, empathetic and innovative way.


from sunrise to sunset

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1 January
31 December
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