Green Cervia

Green Cervia: By bicycle through the coastal pine forests of Milano Marittima and Pinarella.

Green Cervia is the path of the coastal pine forests of Milano Marittima and Pinarella, the southern gate of the Po Delta Park.

Cycling while breathing in the balm of the pines and listening to the sound of the sea is one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress. These wooded areas of Milano Marittima and Pinarella are the green lungs of the Cervese territory and experience their maximum splendor in spring due to the chromatic triumph of blooms and olfactory balsamic aromas.

It is also very easy to spot some squirrels, rabbits and some types of birds. The route develops on paths of pine forest and cycle paths and touches two important Cervesi naturalistic sites, the Butterfly House (where we will make a short visit) and the Natural Park. Also for this reason it is a particularly suitable ride for children and admirers of the local flora and fauna.

The Green Cervia Route

km: 24 km
difference in height: 0
road surface: asphalt, cycle path, pine forest path
recommended bikes: city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike

Points of interest:

Pine forest of Cervia and Milano Marittima, Butterfly House, Natural Park with Cervia Adventure, Pinarella and Tagliata pine forest.

Route maps are available at the IAT office [email protected]

WHEN: summer

Filed under: slow bike


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