Within the Cervia Natural Park, CerviAvventura is an ideal experience for everyone: families, children, organized groups and sports lovers. An alternative day in the open air, to stay together and walk suspended among the pines of the millenarian pine forest of Cervia. You will find nine air routes with different heights and suitable for all ages!! You can experience the thrill of being suspended between heaven and earth. Before leaving with harnesses and helmets, you will participate in a preparatory briefing to learn how to maneuver on the trees, in complete safety.


In CerviAvventura it will seem like a bit of flying among the pines but in complete safety. The paths on the trees are ideal for stimulating coordination, concentration, balance and self-esteem. Visitors can choose the preferred level of difficulty: from the basic routes, where to learn to move and to use safety devices, to the exciting routes on the swinging trunks.

There are two basic courses in Cerviavventura: Briefing and Practical Path. Here you will learn how to use safety devices and familiarize yourself with pulleys and carabiners, thanks to experts and patient instructors.

For youngsters over 140 cm and for adults who want a more simplified path, there is the Blue Tit Path, which is easy but at the same time able to give beautiful emotions. The Magpie Route is of medium difficulty, while the Civetta Route is the longest and most difficult itinerary for those who want to live the complete experience of beams, swinging logs and various types of suspension bridges.



Naturally you will also find proposals for children, so you can visit CerviAvventura in peace with all your family.

There are the BabyFly Itinerary and the BabyFly2 Itinerary, where children between 100 and 140 cm tall can therefore try their hand at boardwalks, bridges, logs and Tyrolean without running any risk for their safety, followed by instructors at all times of the route.

After experiencing the thrill of the altitude, you can relax by walking among the paths of the pine forest, between the botanical path and the animal enclosures or you can make a stop at the “Binario 9 3/4” refreshment point.


Book your holiday at Hotel Lem Casadei in Cervia now and become Tarzan for a day.

Let the adventure begin!


Via Forlanini (entrance to the Natural Park) Milano Marittima (RA)


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